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Overheard In Lobby


** Ask a silly question.. well u know the rest
(Wrangler) should i be seated for the finals now Genie ?
(STGenie) yes.. table 65.. did u miss the seating assignment?
(STGenie) all the best players end up there
(Wrangler) no i didn't miss it but im having trouble finding that table i even programs my GPS for it

** Maid to order?
(XxBoRiSxX) losing too Blondie....I may hafta find a new card site
(TotallyBlonde) lmao
(STGWeasel) i heard Pok may be bringing Old Maid here, you'll be able to stay..
(XxBoRiSxX) I LUV old maids
(XxBoRiSxX) long as they can still clean


** Rock knows women!
{** Exit **} EmeraldIsle
{** Enter **} EmeraldIsle
(EmeraldIsle) gg
(RockIdle) you keep running like your hubby showed up unexpectedly em¸
(EmeraldIsle) lol
(EmeraldIsle) that was good rock
(RockIdle) if I can make one person smile, it better be my wife lol

bags1** 'Here, let me help you with those bags...’
(Mystic) (Table 3) (Final): carryme/totallyblonde(157) vs. buscha/islerover(140)
* islerover happy nil dance
(Buscha) ty toto for taking the bags
(islerover) thanks for shoppin at krogers
(TotallyBlonde) im gonna whop u with a bag!!
(islerover) ouch

** Bing the Tester!!
[Tourney] DHPair: Join DH for a  Reg Parrot  Tourney in 10 mins, join
{** Exit **} +DHBing
{** Enter **} +DHBing
(DHBing) when u hit join
(DHBing) it takes u to parrot
(renee) nice visit?
(xxBratSAxx) wow bing.. u are quite the trouble shooter tonight


** So would that be..'Sub'liminal messaging?
(HellaGood) (!CC) can we get 2 subs in CUT pleaseee -- only 2 hands left
(HellaGood) (!CC) 2 subs in CUT PLEASEEEEEEEEE
(HardyBoy) I think they need 2 subs in cut spades
(TotallyBlonde) lol hardy
(HardyBoy) I'm just guesssing

** Thanks for the explanation, Pete!
{** Enter **} sweetvicious
(STGenie) i think i see an oxymoron in the lobby
(STGenie) no not u pete
(sweetpete) soo not juss a moron?
(sweetpete) lol
(sweetpete) an oxy one
(dixiedog) :x


** Well that 'bites'
(dixiedog) I will bite him where it hurts
(Wrangler) ive never got bitten anywhere it didn't hurt !

** Is this what's called 'light' humor?
(nienna) I have lost 53 pound in your absence Jake, been pining I have!
(JakeMDH) awww, u too sweet
(nienna) I know eh ;o)
(imaGenie) should he be staying away a bit longer? or are u done now?
(JakeMDH) oh funny
(nienna) he needs to go a while longer lolnienna
(nienna) bye jake
(JakeMDH) byeeee
{** Exit **} JakeMDH
(nienna) oh no lol
{** Enter **} JakeMDH
(JakeMDH) was that long enuf?
(nienna) lol
(JakeMDH) well i tried
(RockIdle) nienna only loves me half as much as before, she lost the rest lol

** Hang in there Misty, they'll get it right yet!
(Eagletwo) ho misty
(CHEEAPTRICK) hey she aint no ho shes a good girl
(WickedGirl) hi musty
(CHEEAPTRICK) hey she aint musty either lmao
(WickedGirl) lol
(mistyacres) its just not my day
(CHEEAPTRICK) poor misty we luv you
(mistyacres) awwwwwww ty I love you too

** Lots more minutes left, Pete!!!
(Mystic) (Table 4) (Final): weege/sweetpete(4) vs. ronnn/tickledpinky(10)
(sweetpete) gga ty typ nja njp
(sweetpete) well that wasted about three minutes of my life.